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Set Yourself Apart in the Job Market.

A 4-year degree program is not your only option. Getting a Career Technical Education (CTE) sets you apart from the crowd by giving you specialized skills and knowledge few other people have.


Ready to Get Started?

You’ve got a lot of choices! Many industries are in need of skilled workers, and with a technical education, you won’t have to wait long to start getting your hands dirty.

What Path Are You On?

With so many options available, choosing which way to go can be intimidating. Here are some tips for how to move forward.


Think about what interests you.

Your interests could open you to a vast network of opportunities, including courses and training you can take right at your own high school.


Try something new.

Enroll in a subject area that piques your interest, even if you don't know anything about it. There's only one way to find out whether you like it or not!


Find your perfect program.

While a four year college is a must for some career paths, there are a ton of other options that might suit you better. Gain access to other satisfying and well-paying careers through community college, apprenticeships, and high school programs.


Remember your resources.

Career Technical Education programs are guided by career counselors and advisors who want to help you review all your opportunities and prepare you for the work you want to do.

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